At Desert Rain Interactive Studios, we provide both traditional and specialized “interactive” software solutions for business and entertainment purposes. We design interactive software solutions such as interactive websites, intuitive data entry interfaces, gamification, mobile applications, and human interface software such as mobile device data entry solutions, augmented reality solutions, and virtual reality training and simulation software.

The benefits of cutting edge interactive software are as variable and unique as the users who request it! Some mainstay benefits that all clients enjoy are improved productivity, improved morale, improved professionalism, improved corporate image, and improved employee performance.

Our goal is to bring the latest and greatest interactive technology to our client base, providing fun, reliable solutions that show immediate positive ROI.

Interactive Software Development

Since 2001, Desert Rain Interactive Studios has provided intuitive, responsive software solutions garnished with our game development flavored creative genius. Our main objective is to produce fun, easy to use software that engages the user in unique, creative ways.

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Business Solutions

At the core of all Desert Rain Interactive Studios solutions is our partner and primary supporter, Microsoft. As a registered Microsoft Partner, Desert Rain Interactive Studios is able to offer critical Microsoft business solutions to you! From deployment and support to volume licensing and special financing arrangements, DRI is a premium provider of Microsoft Business Solutions.

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CGI Animation & Simulation

What makes our interactive software so different from average software? Our artists are a huge part of it! Computer Generated Imagery is here to stay, and can positively improve the image and effectiveness of your trade. We can help you with: Marketing Animation / Commercials, Simulation / Training, Legal Cases & Incident Simulation, Graphic Design / Logo Animation, Game Development and more!!

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Win More Cases. Improve sales.

Improve your income and success rates with CGI animation. Marketing, expainer videos, commercial spots, entertainment pieces and more! DRI's premium artists deliver the best CGI video in the industry, at competitive prices! For legal applications, show the judge and jury exactly how a chain of events unfolded with CGI animation. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video depiction of your version of events is priceless.

Animated Car Accident Scene

Improve your tech ROI. Cutting edge business solutions from DRI & Microsoft.

Interactive software is essential to many businesses. From databases and CRM systems to hardware assisted ERP solutions, Get the best user experience with Desert Rain Interactive Studios! DRI has partnered with Microsoft to bring you the best business technology in the industry. DRI is now capable of augmented reality application development!

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Gaming & Simulation. Have more fun(ds).

Miltary, law enforcement, construction, manufacturing, medical applications and more. Serious games and simulation will save you time, money and improve workplace safety. DRI maintains expert developers in four rendering engines simultaneously, ensuring compatibility and quality that is scalable and maleable based on our users. We also perform workplace gamification! Turn a call center or a boring meeting into a fun, entertaining game that improves moral, productivity and accuracy! Re-engage your employees with DRI gamification!

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